Transpose generates wrong key signatures for non-concert-pitch instruments

• Sep 19, 2023 - 04:19

I have a wind band score, in concert C minor. Three flats, F instruments have two, Bb instruments have one, Eb instruments have none. I use the Transpose tool to go down a half step to B minor, suddenly the Eb instruments have 4 flats instead of the 5 sharps they should. The notes all have the sharps and naturals to be correct, but key signature doesn't match. It happens sometimes for Bb instruments, sometimes for Eb instruments, no matter which transpose options I pick.


That should not happen. Please attach the score (the .mscz file) you are having difficulties with so that someone can investigate further.

Also you say this "happens sometimes". Do you mean that when you carry out a set of actions sometimes you get one result but sometimes after the same actions you get a different result, or do you mean that some sets of actions give correct results always but other sets give incorrect results always. Whichever case, please give a detailed set of steps that you have used when you have encountered the problem so that someone can try to reproduce your experience.

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Almost every time I transpose a score, a set of key signatures are wrong. It happens most often to Eb instruments, but depending on the transposition I've seen it in Bbs as well, but not in a pattern I can find. I've attached the file I first noticed it in, but it's happening with my other scores as well.
I'm using MS 4.1.1

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Is this a problem of MuS 4.x?
I tested it with MuS 3.6.2 and it works as expected. I just used the transpose command "transpose chromatically closest from C minor to B minor".
Starting with C minor:
after transposing to B minor:

Of course, I didn't change in "Staff/Part Properties" the setting of "Prefer sharps or flats for transposed key signatures" - it is still set to "Default".

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