Feedback for plugin: MuseLab, real-time collaboration

• Sep 19, 2023 - 00:05

MuseLab is a plugin that lets users collaborate in real time. Any feedback on UI, functionality, or issues is greatly appreciated!


Thank you XiaoMigros and Frederick Biddix!
The plugin seems to udpate and save automatically, users should ensure a newly created project scorefile is saved in a directory with WRITE permission. edit: after some more test, seems I was wrong, the dir permission does not matter, current project always uses /user/[name]/appdata/local/temp (I incorrectly tested by running parallel musescore 3 and musescore 3 nightly on the same machine, that may have caused unwanted repeat file overwriting)

How do you install it? All I've been able to do is make the installer say:
"œ˙Ì˛∞ÖÄ°H__PAGEZEROx__TEXT__text__TEXT¿5Ò†¿5Ä__stubs__TEXT≤÷î≤÷Ä__stub_helper__TEXTHŸ4HŸÄ__gcc_except_tab__TEXT|›0 |›__cstring__TEXT¨Ê{¨Ê__const__TEXT0˙0˙__unwind_info__TEXTD˚∞D˚__DATA@@ __nl_symbol_ptr__DATAn__got__DATAxo__la_symbol_ptr__DATAÄpÄ~__mod_init_func__DATA __const__DATA¯†¯__data__DATA†Ò†__thread_vars__DATAò"


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