intermediate measure numbers

• Sep 18, 2023 - 21:52

I'm trying to replicate a very complicated musical theatre score and there are measure numbers 1a, 1b and so on.

Is there a way to do this in Musescore 4?


Without seeing more specific requirements, one way to do something like that...
Add staff text and set the Text style to 'Measure number'.
Exclude the a,b,c measures from the measure count so, as in this picture, measure 6 follows 5c:
N.B. Make sure you are merely replicating something and will not have to insert/delete measures after having named the intermediate measures.
Also, the intermediate measure numbers position can be adjusted as a group (once they are all entered) to match the regular measure numbers.

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When you add your intermediate measure number, let's say 1a, as staff text, click on the 1a, look in the Properties panel and you will see 'More'. Clicking on 'More' will show the 'Text style' as 'Staff'. Set this to 'Measure number' and the font size will change to the same size as a regular measure number. (The default measure number size is 8pt. The default staff text size is 10pt.)
You can change them all at once (and adjust their x offsets) after you have them all entered.

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