exported midi file has no cc data for hairpins

• Sep 18, 2023 - 01:46

Musescore 4
Windows 10

I've been exporting midi files to be opened in reaper. All the data for dynamics related to hairpins is lost. I would expect there to be data for CC11, (or some other controller ) but there is none. Am I missing something?
I found some previous discussions about this stuff but I keep finding info related to older versions that doesn't seem to apply to musescore 4. Any help is appreciated.

update: I did find that musescore uses cc2 for single note dynamics.
But again no sign of this controller in the midi-files i've exported


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Thanks msfp!

So here's what I think I understand now:
1. musescore 3 can export midi with CC2 for single-note-dynamics.
2. musescore 4 can NOT export CC2 yet. But it's coming soon.

Is that correct?
If so I'll install musescore 3 and use that for exports for now.

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