How to recycle a score written for guitar comping for guitar soloing wit guitar? Musescore 4

• Sep 18, 2023 - 00:55

Hello Musescore 4ers;

I'm a guitar player, but probably more of a guitar owner than, player.

The way my world goes is: I get a brilliant chord melody arrange by my teacher... who writes it by hand. Its a brilliant arraingment, but hard for my 72 year-old eys to sort out, so I transcribe it into Musescore 4.

Then, take that Muesescore 4 file, and write a comping line for the tune: in the attachment, I've written one that uses 3ds and 7ths.

What I want to do next is to 'recycle' that musescore 4 file with the comping, and use a copy of it to write a solo in a separate musescore 4 file.

I've attached the file with comping on 3rds and 7ths. I want to : Keep the chord fingering designations, and elimiate the notes in the score, so that I've got a 'fresh start' on the score where I can write in the notes from my solo.

I find that when I highlight a measure to try to erase the score notes, it will do that, but it will also erase the fingering diagrams, also.

How do I erase the notes in the score without earasing the chord diagrams?

Old Jimma

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Hello Musescorers:

I learned from the previous post how to remove the notes from a score without removing the fretboard diagrams.

I ran into a snag when I started to add new notes in the score: the fretboard diagrams vanished! See the attached score.

How do I get those fretboard diagrams to not disappear when I'm adding new notes to the score?


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