Alla breve tie

• Sep 17, 2023 - 20:48

Hi. I would like to make tie between two whole notes in "Alla breve" = 2/2. Mosescore doesn't let me do it.
Pic nr 1. shows that is alla breve in the orginal sheet music and the pic. 2 shows the tie between voice 1 A-A. As you can see in the orginal sheet music. The pic nr. 3 is how musescore do it??

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I guess you will have to inform everybody what version of Musescore you are using on what operating system. You also should give the exact sequence of keystrokes/mouseclicks that generates picture 3. It certainly should not happen.

If you place the two whole notes A (assuming piano right hand) separately, select the first of them and then type "+" (MS3) or "T" (MS4) you should get the desired result.

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