Open MIDI file that is in 4/4 swing

• Sep 15, 2023 - 06:53

I am opening/importing a midi file that is in 4/4 swing. After opening the swing is not recognized, i.e., the three eighth notes for a quarter beat are not recognized. How do I get it to recognize 4/4 swing and notate correctly. I have attached the midi file for reference.


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Mornin' Sun Piano.mid 21.79 KB


Swing is an effect applied to printed music that is then converted into timings that are then stored as MIDI values. I don't think there is a reverse algorithm.

I think you mean triplets ("the three eight notes for a quarter beat). That's different from swing.
The triplets can't converted automaticly. You can try the duration plugin.
But i think it is best to erase the notes and put them in manually.

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Thanks for the link. However, in the manual it says I can open the import midi panel options "by dragging the interface with the document window upwards". I move my mouse to the bottom of the page, just above the ribbon at the bottom, but my mouse will not grab anything. The midi panel will not appear, so what am I doing wrong?

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