Using headphones does not mut laptop on board speaker

• Sep 14, 2023 - 17:51

I am using windows 10 and musescore 3. I have a new laptop and since then I have this problem.
When I use playback the on board speakers work whether or not I have headphones plugged in.
With other apps (Spotify, Youtube etc) when I plug in my headphones the on board speakers are muted but since changing my laptop this doesn't happen with Musescore.

Hep please before I drive the househol mad.




Well, write better music. Just kidding

There should be an output setting in Preferences. But in general, make sure headphones are plugged in before starting MuseScore.

MuseScore behaves strangely compared to any other apps I know and continues to use the current audio output even when you plug your headset in and all other apps start using headset...
You can stop and restart the audio engine from the menu or just exit and restart MuseScore completely. Super inconvenient I know...

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