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• Sep 14, 2023 - 05:25

Hi all,

New user and still learning the ins and outs. I'm transcribing for a brass band and accidentally duplicated one of the "soprano" lines which has created the Trumpet in Bb. I have no idea how to remove it but it is rather annoying. What's stranger is when I open the Soprano 3 part, it is simply the score. Thoughts? Appreciate it!


with the score open, press "I" on your keyboard. This will display the instruments list and give the option to add or remove instruments from the score. Hope this helps.

It appears you have 2 issues...

  1. To get rid of the accidentally duplicated 'Trumpet in Bb", see:…
    and look for: "To delete a newly created part".
    Because only newly created parts can be deleted via the "three dots" menu, and you accidentally duplicated one of the "soprano" lines, the delete option should be available for Trumpet in Bb via the "three dots" menu.
  2. To make the Soprano 3 part not show all the instruments, see:…
    and click the eye icon to close any instruments you don't wish to see in the Soprano 3 part.
    (Look at your second screen shot attachment. It shows all eyes open for the Soprano 3 part, so of course they will show.)

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In Mu4 deleting the "Excerpts" folder from within the .mscz (zip) file allows simply the main score to display in MuseScore without the parts being accessible in their own individual tabs.
The parts are not literally deleted by deleting the "Excerpts" folder. They still appear in the main score.

(In the early days of the Mu4 release, whenever crashes occurred because of corruptions in a part - as opposed to corruptions in the main score - deleting the excerpts folder in the zip file allowed a quick means to avoid the crash and allow for troubleshooting/repair of the score.)

When it comes to extracting and opening the Mu4 .mscx file in Mu3, I recall an instance of parts tabs showing up in MU3 even though the "Excerpts" folder was not part of the extraction/opening process. This was during the heyday of the initial release of Mu4 when people here were scrambling to find solutions to Mu4 corruptions and crashes. I don't know if this still occurs.

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Thank you for testing it.
Yes, I think there were some changes since the first versions. I remember finding the parts when opening the extracted mscx in MuS 3, but that is no longer the case.
I assume that the parts were part of the mscx in earlier versions, but now only the 'Excerpts' folder is used. Since I only extract the mscx in MuS 3, the parts are therefore no longer there.

There is apparently still the condition that the parts and the score sometimes do not match and this leads to the corrupt files.

Maybe that's even a good thing, because in cases like this you might be lucky if you just extract the mscx file and recreate the parts. However, if layout adjustments have already been made in the parts, they will be lost.

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You wrote:
I'm transcribing for a brass band and accidentally duplicated one of the "soprano" lines which has created the Trumpet in Bb.
The funny thing about #1 is there is no "Delete" with the three dots.

Your main score has 8 instruments. Of the 9 parts, one should be the "accidental" duplicate.
So, first check the "soprano" lines to find the one that can be deleted (i.e., has a "Delete" in the three dots menu). Then rename "Trumpet in Bb" (which has no "Delete" but has a "Rename") with the name of the part which can be deleted.

If this doesn't work, attach the score.
BTW: what version of MuseScore?

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After opening your attachment...
Somehow the parts and the names you assigned got messed up. Normally the parts are named for the instruments, so "Trumpet in Bb" would show and you could re-name it to whatever you want - Soprano 1, or Soprano 2, etc. You probably re-named the parts this way. Apparently, that pesky 'Trumpet in Bb' is the Soprano 3. If you look at Trumpet in Bb and Soprano 3 in your parts tabs, they show the same notes. This particular 'Trumpet in Bb' should have been re-named to Soprano 3 (observe the eye icon in the Instruments panel).

To see the confused state of affairs with the parts do this:
Open your attachment.
Click on 'Parts' in the toolbar to open the parts dialog and click reset in the 3-dot menu for Soprano 3. It will now actually display the notes for Soprano 2. (As a double check, click another part tab then return and observe the eye icon in the Instruments panel.)

Another weird behavior:
If Soprano 2 is likewise reset, it will display both the Soprano 1 staff and the Soprano 2 staff.
So somehow things went awry.

Anyhow, try this score:
Go Tell It-3.mscz
I have re-named the 8 instruments to the names you use. If you click on 'Parts' in the toolbar you can generate the correct parts tabs by clicking 'Open all' at the bottom of the dialog.
Then clicking each part's tab and observing the eye icon in the Instruments panel will show that the correct staff is opened.

BTW: To see the real instrument names that play in the score, type the letter I to see: "Trumpet in Bb", "Mellophone", etc.

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