How to force a single line to have more bars?

• Sep 14, 2023 - 04:24

MuseScore 3
I want a line to have 5 bars(now, it has 4). not all lines but only this line.
I've tried shift + {
but when all of these 5 bars reduce to their minimum size, they still occupy 2 lines.


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You could set your page to use landscape mode if having those 5 measures on the same system is do important.

But I wonder why it should be so important. Laying out a score involves many compromises; overly squeezing measures to fit onto a single system would be low down on my list of priorities. Do you have a special reason to need to attempt this?

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Reduce the scaling (Format / Page Settings... / staff space) from 1.750 to 1.500 mm. This scales all of the sheet.
Or in combination with modifying the page margins. Then a larger value is possible.

I saw it too late: the same statement as from rothers!

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