Musescore 4 some parts not playing loud enough to hear

• Sep 14, 2023 - 03:13

I have a piece with flute, soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and piano. When trying to play the piece, only the flute and piano parts are heard. All parts in the mixer are unmuted and at the same volume. When selecting a note in each part, the flute and piano sound fine but the other parts are so faint that you can barely hear them. Ive tried to revert to factory settings and even removed MS4 and reinstalled it. Same problem. I've attached the file to see if there is something wrong with the file. Thanks for your help!

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One_World,_One_Communion.mscz 43.42 KB


It seems that right now Muse Sounds vocals are very soft. You'll need to boost the volume for them in the mixer. Switch to basic sounds and you can hear the difference.

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