Playback Sound lost in MU Version 4.1.1

• Sep 13, 2023 - 18:09

Playback Sound is not frequently not functioning. I'm using MU Version 4.1.1 on a MacBookPro running Ventura 13.5.2. The only fix I've found is to go to the Help menu and Revert to Factory Settings. Any other suggestions or information will be greatly appreciated


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No external devices in use. Just sometimes on opening a score on which I have been working, there’s no playback sound, and mixer won’t open. So far, only “fix”— per Marc Sabatella’s suggestion— is to go to Help menu & revert to factory settings—- which gets old very quickly. Also, now while working on a big band score, the lowest (rhythm section) staves seem to drop off the page’s white background onto the grey background of the screen behind the score pages. Any help, suggestions, rescues greatly appreciated!!! Elliot

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