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I really don't understand how Musescore works with midi export.
Il I export a simple sheet of a sole instrument in midi and then open the midi file in musescore, the new sheet has only the time signature in common with the original one. All the articulations are gone. The tremolo is replaced by random 5 or 7 subdivision, etc.
If I export a sheet music into a midi file and try to open it in Ableton Live, all the articulations are forgotten.

How come that articulations disapear in the midi files???!

I've tested this with last versions of Musescore 3 & 4, and Ableton 11.
Of course I checked the "export the RPn's" box.
It's even worst in Musescore 3, where a sole violin becomes 3 different violins after the midi conversion.

Does anybody have the same issue? Any clue?...

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"How come that articulations disappear in the midi files???!"

Because MIDI is not a notation system. To save articulations and transfer them you need an export format like MusicXML, which preserves all these features for transfer to another system. And MuseScore can export easily to MusicXML format.

[EDIT 1]
Back in 2007, users on the Ableton support forum were begging for MusicXML support. We are now in 2023, and I wonder if Ableton have implemented MusicXML import and export yet? ;-)

[EDIT 2]
It seems that Ableton itself does not handle MusicXML files. See the list of applications on the official MusicXML website:
But if you search the list of applications on that MusicXML website you will find MaxScore:
"The MaxScore Max object adds common Western music notation to the Max visual programming language for media. When used with Max for Live, it also adds notation to the Ableton Live digital audio workstation. MusicXML export and import for MaxScore and LiveScore is provided via JMSL."
Good luck with that complicated tool chain!

Midi is a very literal and detailed system to record (or laboriously 'create') a performance and it still can't and will never capture everything. It is a set of instructions to a machine not a human being.

The exported midi is a good representation of the score in your example.

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