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• Sep 11, 2023 - 17:31

In a 6/8 section of strictly 8th notes, how do I connect the 1st group of 3 8th notes, and the 2nd group of 3 8th notes, as separate groups, without getting either all 6 of the 8th notes in a measure connected or interconnecting the notes across measures? None of the existing beam properties seem to allow this. One way or the other, either the notes get disconnected or connected in ways I don't want. See the attached score, at rehearsal 13, where it goes into 6/8.

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Okay, I figured it out, but it is convoluted. First, connect ALL the 8th notes, then break the beam between the 3rd and 4th and 6th and 1st in the succeeding measure. There should be one beam property that allows for connecting only the selected notes, with automatically connecting adjacent notes.

You have already played with the beam settings in that section, so first of all you need to get back to having the beaming set to Auto for all notes and rests. To do that select that section as a range by clicking on the first note in the upper stave and then shift clicking on the last note of the lower stave within the section you want to edit. Then click on AUTO in the Beam properties palette.

Next, with that same range (it should remain selected after the previous operation) right click on one of the rests and in the pop up left click on select similar in this range. You should see all the rests turn blue to indicate that they are selected.

Now you can click on "Join beams" in the Beam properties palette. For clarity - it is this one


You should get this which I think is what you are aiming for.


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It is only counter intuitive if your intuition has been conditioned to tuit it in a different way to how Musescore works ;-)

Note that the process was somewhat complicated by having to first undo the adjustments you had made. If you start from a clean score then the steps are
1. Select the range you want to work on
2. Right click on a rest and select all similar
3. Apply the correct beaming.

Which all seems quite reasonable to me - but then I have been using Musescore for several years now and my intuition is "tuned in".

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I, too, have been using MuseScore for quite a while, if only sporadically, including the creation of a fairly complex score (which obviously had on 6/8 measures).

I see where you are coming from, however I guess my brain works differently from yours. To me, the 'intuitive' way to connect two notes separated by a space would be to select the notes, not the rest, and then connect them with the beam properties.

To me, however it is accomplished, this function is pretty basic and should be included in the on-line help or the 'beginner's' manual. I couldn't find it, which is why I asked for assistance.

Thank you for your assistance, I will try to remember the 'proper' way to handle 6/8 measures.

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