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Hi. I need to transpose this score. I tried to import the pdf, but it corrupts my score.
Can someone transpose it from D Major to C major? Please! I need it urgently!

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It seems to be an PDF import (optical music recognition) by Audiveris. This is far away from being perfect!
You need to correct a lot of elements which is not easy without a deep knowlede of this program.

To reduce the 30 pages first remove all system breaks: "Format / Add/Remove System Breaks ..." or select them using 'select all similar' and press 'Delete'.
Then you will get only 12 pages without any more actions. To decrease the page count again you can reduce in 'Format / Page Settings' the value of the 'Staff Space' e.g. to 1.25.

And yes, it is inevitable that you study the MuseScore manual intensively!

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You need to remove the page breaks, and when you get the corrupt message click on details
EDIT: For further help google: correct corruptions
I'm on MuseScore 3.6 so I cannot open your file. But in the file I posted I noticed towards the end a signature change to 3/8 in the pdf but 2/4 in the mscz. You certainly need to change that.

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> What do you mean when you say it is far away from being perfect? What else should I do?
I mean what I wrote: Musescore uses Audiveris and the result is often very error-prone - a triplet or an eighth note flag is not recognized and as a result the rhythm is no longer correct. Finding and correcting all these errors can take more time than simply transcribing the score.

There may be other and commercial programs that can do it better; I have not used any other so far.

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