Reverting toggle slash notation resets properties

• Sep 8, 2023 - 23:44

Hi there, I run into a behaviour that puzzles me:

When I toggle slash notation for some notes having other than default settings (not visible, not playbacked, different note head), and toggle again for undoing slash notation, any such notes have their default setting again. In the named examples, they are visible again, ticked to be played back, and have default note heads.

This is extremely annoying. E.g. in a rhythm guitar sheet, I write the notes as they are supposed to play, and then have the appearance changed to slash notation for print. In addition, I add some extra notes that are not to be played on the guitar at all, e.g. cue notes or verbal elements. These are not played, and have other heads such as crosses or smaller size. Now, it happens that I want to print the sheet with actual notes for reference. To this end, I select the stave, and use the Toggle Slash Notation tool again so the notes show as originally written. However, the extra notes which have had other properties before are given default properties now. This also applies to palm-muted notes with have originally been written with cross head. Any time I revert slash notation I have to manually recreate the intended properties.

In this context, I would strongly appreciate if notes which have cross heads as written would also have cross heads in slash notation. But that would be a feature request rather than a bug report.

At the moment, I would be grateful if anyone could tell me whether this is intended or a bug.

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