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• Sep 8, 2023 - 18:32

Two questions. When entering notes as in the attached photo, Is it possible to have them go in fully beamed as in measure 2 and not like measure 1 and have to manually connect them? If so, what setting to change?

Second, when adding a slur, can it automatically connect to the last note in the measure as in measure 4, and not start like measure 3 and have to be dragged to the last note?

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Do not drag the slur, it would still be attached to its initial note.
Add the slur by first selecting the first and last note of it.

Thank you all, that was quite helpful. This section from the handbook was particularly helpful, to create the slur as the notes are entered, rather than after the fact.

Adding slurs in note input mode
Enter the first note in the slurred section;
Press S to begin the slurred section;
Type in the remaining notes in the slurred section;
Press S again to end the slurred section.

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Yes, but if I work with "S" when entering notes, it unfortunately happens too often that I forget to turn off the slur again and may have already written many more notes before I notice it.
Then I prefer to delete it and set it again as mentioned.
What is nice in Musescore is that there are often several editing options for the actions and it helps if you know as many of them as possible well.

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When I am transcribing something it is usually a multi pass operation. Something like

Pass 1 enter the notes
Pass 2 add the slurs and articulations
Pass 3 add the dynamics
Pass 4 add other playing directions and textual elements
Pass 5 Adjust the layout

With "proof listening" at frequent intervals.

When I am composing it is a very different and much messier process involving much use of DEL and CTRL X and Save As. Finding and realising the inspiration is the top priority. Efficiency of entering music is the least priority. I really don't care or take much notice of how I write things down, just as long as I get it down somehow, an old how will do. Sometimes that even involves paper and pencil (gasps of horror from the Musescore community!).

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