If I uninstall Musescore 4, will that cause problems with Musescore 3?

• Sep 8, 2023 - 17:02

I'm not the best when it comes to computers, so I wanted to ask this first. I don't use Musescore 4 at all, I still use Musescore 3. All my scores still work in Musescore 3, but I wasn't sure if uninstalling Musescore 4 could cause some complications.


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The only potential difficulty that may arise is how your operating system treats Musescore files (.mscz files).

Operating systems can associate only one application with each file type. When you install MU4, it is MU4 that gets associated, so that when you click on any .mscz file the OS will attempt to open it using MU4. When you uninstall MU4 the association needs to be made with MU3 instead. I strongly suspect that this doesn't happen automatically, or indeed how it could be achieved as there is no guarantee that MU3 is installed or any version of MU come to that. But I admit I haven't tried uninstalling MU4 to find out.

The upshot is that you probably will need to make that association manually. In Windows if you right click on a .mscz file you will have the option "Open with..." and you can select MU3 and also set that as the default application. You can also achieve the same thing via the Windows settings menu. For other OS's I guess the process is somewhat similar.

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