Creating a website that links MuseScore music sheets

• Sep 8, 2023 - 01:48

So this is the scenario, there are many people that are asking for the music sheets that I have used when I am playing a certain piano cover. So my plan is to make a website, and put all MuseScores music sheets links in there using either the embed or share link feature. Of course I will put disclaimer that none of those are mine and they will be just redirected to the MuseScore sheet once they clicked a link there. Is this legal or not?


If you search the "Improving Musescore" forum you will find that users are asking for help and making suggestions re the embedded web player. Also, since MS give you the embed code to share then it seems that it must be permitted.


I made such a site for my own scores a while back and did get some help from The embedded scores have the download button which links to Musescore so you don't have to add any extra links.

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