MuseScore 4. It is to glitchy

• Sep 4, 2023 - 18:51

(I'm self-censoring my post since I don't know any other words to describe my issue.)
MuseScore four may sound much better than three; however, it's too ** glitchy. I can't even write two measures without the whole Musescore system crashing. My CPU, memory, and disks are all operating at approximately 12%-20% once MuseScore starts to crash, so we know it's not a hardware issue on my end. Musescore Four will simply just stop responding.

I want MuseScore 3 back, but I don't know where to get it legally.


Things crash for all kinds of reasons. Not just overload. Does your system meet all the specs on the download page. And have you tried various system setting adjustments? Especially if you use a audio interface.

i do appreciate everyone with there help :)
I would love to use musescore 4 cause the sounds from muse hub sound better. but I'm willing to sacrifice less glitchy for sound quality :)

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OK, you said that you can't even write 2 measures without the program crashing. This might sound funny, but how are you entering notes? Are you doing anything in particular when it crashes? Are you using any usb or midi external devices. I'm just thrashing around here. I have MU4 on 5 different computers of varying specs. Runs well on the more powerful ones and good enough on the others. The only time there is any crash is if I load a score that make someone else's computer crash. Not always even then.

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Regarding RAM, I have 5TB of HDD and 1TB of RAM. My PC is a quad-core

(It's entirely custom-built from scratch, including the programming.) I own an electronics repair company. I have to reprogram stuff all the time. I got most of my parts from the manufacturer; I'm not allowed to say who Sadly, :( They informed me when I signed up with them that they wanted to stay anonymous for some reason. I'm not sure why. It's free advertising, lol.

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