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• Sep 3, 2023 - 21:20

I have a "+" that has shown up on the treble and bass of my score and it will not allow four counts to the measure but I have to add two more eighth notes, how do I get rid of the pluses?


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The plus sign is just there to show that you have put more stuff in your measure than what the time signature expects.

If the time signature is wrong, change it.
If the time signature is right, delete the stuff that shouldn't be there, a "full" delete CTRL DEL, not just DEL, as just DEL keeps the beat as they are and replace the deleted stuff by silence. CTRL DEL is another type of delete which actually removes the "beats" as well.

Once you have properly aligned the measure content with the time signature, the plus sign will disappear. Note that this sign is just there to warn you of the time discordance. It doesn't print.

It is measure 138. This measure is 9/8 long and is in 4/4 time.
Since the measure is already longer than the time signature dictates, you can't add two more eighth notes. It would then become even longer ...
Example bass system: You have an eighth note, a dotted half note, again an eighth note and an eighth rest. This is 1/8 + 3/4 + 1/8 +1/8 and so the measure already has a length of 9/8. This is the reason for the '+'. The 1/8 rest at the end disappears if you reduce the measure length from 9/8 (actually) to 8/8 (or 4/4) in the measure properties. But there's still no room for two extra eighth notes.
So check the notes of the measure to see if they are all written correctly in their duration.

BTW: this is not a question for the section 'Feature Request'.

The score you posted doesn't seem to match your question. But in this case, select the 1/8 rest in the bottom staff and press CTRL+DELETE. I wouldn't worry that much about which forum you posted in. At least you didn't post in "Made With MuseScore"

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