MuseSounds gives unforgiveable delay on playback

• Sep 3, 2023 - 13:08

Dummy question, but how do I tell whether my piece's playback is actually using MuseSounds (which I've definitely installed)? There seems to be no link to or visibility of this from within my score. Is there a checkbox to which says "Use Musesounds"?
After some time using MS4 I don't tell any improvement from MS3 in terms of quality of choral sound....


"how do I tell whether my piece's playback is actually using MuseSounds"

You change the playback sounds in the Mixer (F10 shortcut).

In the example below all the sounds were MS Basic by default. So in the Mixer, I chose the Voice part (stave 1) and from the Sounds dropdown I then chose Muse Sounds > Muse Choir > Sopranos:

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Ah - I think I remember selecting the Muse Sounds a while ago and had forgotten how to do it.
But hearing it also makes me realise why I might have rejected it - the isolated quavers (eg bar 22 in the sopranos and altos ) are badly out of synch, and the same goes for later occurrences of isolated quavers - it sounds dreadful!
Would you be good enough Daniel to check whether the same happens on your set up? I attach the score.

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"... check whether the same happens on your set up?"

Yes, sorry. With both Sopranos and Altos set to use Muse Sounds, the playback is very odd indeed. I'm not sure why:
either the attack on those staccato notes is not in sync between Soprano notes and Alto notes
or the notes are in sync between Soprano and Alto but the speed of attack is different (giving the illusion of "out of sync")

I'm not surprised you went back the MS Basic sounds!

Thankyou to DanielR.
Well this is most unsatisfactory and is a killer for me using Muse Sounds.
- despite my previous forum entries on this subject, when there was a denial that it was any problem at all, now at least we have an acknowledgement, kindly from Daniel, that it is faulty.
If it comes down to "speed of attack" then I'm afraid I don't buy that - the delay is almost a full semiquaver. Would others care to test the score I've submitted (you'll have to set the audio to use MuseSounds), and if you agree with me maybe we can get a fault logged. Is this problem unique to choral sounds?

Everyone's gone quiet....
Can this be reported as an error please?
Basically it stops me getting the benefits of Muse Sounds at all.

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Here's some observations you may or may not be interested in. One thing that I've learned from many years of using various notation programs is that none read a score like real players. What does that mean? It means that sometimes I have two scores for a single piece. One that I hand to real players. And one that I markup however I need to in order to get the playback I want. FWIW on my system, with Muse Sounds, two of the highlighted measures are not out sync. Measure 22 does seem to be out of sync. Muse sounds seem to be accenting the release. To me this makes the sound late. Notice that in measure 33 those bass notes are in sync. At least on my system. What is different? in 33 the notes are staccato. When I put staccatos in measure 22, everything seems to line up. It also helps to turn off the reverb.
I have no idea if this has been reported or not.

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Well thanks, bobjp. I put everything in as staccato crotchets instead of quavers and rests, and it works well!!
The reason I hadn't done this before is that my composition teacher always preferred the notes to be shown as quavers , because it was obvious to the singers. (And singers need plain reminders sometimes!)
Why it sounds out of synch when the quavers were separated, is anybody's guess and probably needs a fix.

The following may be related - when I wish to playback a section of music, and I happen to place the cursor (or set the playback start) on a note where there are rests in the other parts and not others, the playback goes crazy and plays very slowly (with interference and echo), until a point in the score is reached where all parts are present - from that point on, everything is ok! Very strange!!
I could try to send a video of this (it always happens) but as usual I am ill-equipped to do this without taking a lot of time - I am not a technical person. Should I log this as a separate issue?
But thanks for the suggestion on the staccato, and thanks too to Daniel,
As far as keeping separate versions for playback purposes, is concerned, I have trouble enough keeping track of my main version and would worry that two versions would get out of step!

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Understood about two versions. Easy for me to say because I only write for playback.
Still, working with recorded sounds is not like working with real musicians. Musicians will probably react to your instructions. Recorded musicians appear to be deaf.

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