Unable to change the size of copyright information

• Sep 3, 2023 - 00:24

Since the new upgrade has been installed, I am unable to make the copyright information line smaller. I have tried in the style settings but that screen is too big to access the ok button. Use to be able to do it in the properties tab but that disappeared in the new update. Can you fix this situation?


You can fix it easily enough with this menu option:
Format > Style.. > Text Styles > Footer > Edit Text Style > Size

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I know about this function. However, on the screen that uses that function will not adjust size so that I can see the ok/enter (whichever the button says) button to complete the change. And when you try to adjust that screen down (see file) and then pull it up to access the button, the adjustment won't take. The screen returns to the one shown in the file. Besides, it was easier to do it when they had it in the properties tab.

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