Connecting stems causing side-affects

• Sep 2, 2023 - 22:43

I'm trying to duplicate the connected stems in the attached picture; the last two sets of notes connect the stems from the two staffs.

I selected the note in the bottom staff, hit X to reverse the stem, select the stem, then drag it up to the line between the two notes above; so far so good. However, when I let go of the stem, the size of the gap between the two staffs is suddenly increased, leaving the stem now below the bottom note (the second attached picture is just after release; before I released, the stem was up to the line between the notes, so the gap has been increased by that much). If I ignore that, drag the stem again to the line, then move on to the note to the right and repeat the steps on it, the gap is increased again.

I obviously don't want the gap between the two staffs to be increased. Why is it happening?

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"Doesn't cross staff notation moves the whole chord ?"
That's why this requirement is filled by having some notes of the chord in bass stave and some in treble stave.

The key advice is given below by @MichLeon:
"Select the stem. In Properties > General disable Auto-place"
This advice refers to the stem on the bass stave which need to reach up to the treble stave.

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It would appear the linked-to documentation is wrong—clearing auto-place is required for MS4 as well. Thanks to all! and someone should update the documentation to indicate that it is not just a MS3 requirement.

If you look at the first picture, it has rests underneath the last two chords; I'm guessing indicating that the two chords should be played by the right-hand regardless of staff, and the left-hand rests? Regardless of cause, I've searched the handbook for "rests" and can see no way to accomplish that. Is there a way to add rests there?

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Is there a way to add rests there?

Cross-staff notation works on a voice basis, so the lowest note of the last two chords can be entered as voice 3 (for stems up), then Ctrl+Shift+down to cross-staff them onto the bottom staff:
Stems are adjusted and the 3rd voice quarter rest on beat one in the upper staff is deleted.
(The colors show voices.)

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I think you should hope for rather than expect this feature in MU 4.2. It sits in the triage section of the 4.2 Project board, which I understand to mean that it is a candidate for implementation in 4.2 but its fate has not yet been decided.

Of course if someone would volunteer to create a PR...

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