Repeating part of a score

• Aug 30, 2023 - 15:03

I am using Musescore 3 to prepare sheet music for a particular Christian song which consists of:
verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse which is repeated, then chorus which is repeated.
I am familiar with the repeat volta’s, but where one part is repeated, what signs are are used and where should they be placed?


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Thanks Steve for your suggestion.
I applied the arrangement to my score and it would only work at the last chorus repeat (the Fine).
It does not work to repeat the verse in the middle of the song.
My other problem is that, because there are three lines of lyrics to the verse and two lines of lyrics to the chorus, how does it know which verse or chorus to apply the signs and instructions.

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Sorry I misunderstood your initial post. You want Verse1, Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus, Verse3, Verse 3, Chorus, Chorus.

I think the simplest to write and read be would like this.

Repeats V2.jpg

It means copy/pasting the verse and chorus notes and it may take up more space than another "clever" way of laying it out, but being "clever" usually ends up confusing the reader. Paper and ink are cheap, rehearsal time isn't.

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Then explain exactly how it should run. I did not understand it.
SteveBlower's example does: Verse - chorus - verse - chorus - verse - chorus - chorus.
Do you want verse - chorus - verse - chorus - verse - chorus - verse - verse - chorus - chorus instead?

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Thanks for the help you are offering me.
The arrangement I have is this:

verse 1 with lyrics (a),
chorus 1,
verse 2 with lyrics (b),
chorus 2,
verse 3 with lyrics (c),
repeat verse 3 with lyrics (c),
chorus 3 with different lyrics,
repeat chorus 3.

I realise I could duplicate or triplicate whole sections, but I am sure Musescore has the facility to utilise the repeat signs and instructions.

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What you want is an unusual repeat structure and for these it is often simpler for the reader to have the sections written out rather than trying to follow complicated unusual combinations of repeat signs. Of course it is possible to add text instructions to the score that readers may follow, but Musescore will certainly not follow them.

I really don't think it is worth the effort to try and come up with something that doesn't require the notes to be replicated, even if such a structure could be achieved without the replication, but another user might like to take up that challenge. Then your singers can take up the challenge of following it.

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Let's forget about MuseScore potential limitations for a moment.
Can you write by hand on a piece of paper a shorted sample version of what you want to achieve ?
=Using musical signs, not free text, to give repeat instructions (but no MuseScore limitation as you do this by hand on paper)
And a very short version is enough (2 measures by verse and 2 measures by chorus).
When you got this, we can help to get it in MuseScore.

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Here is a slightly modified version of my previous attempt, taking into account two different choruses. If you don't like this one, please can you point out what you feel could be improved.

Repeats 3.png

Unlike writing computer code, there is little benefit in music from trying to minimise repeating sections verbatim. However, there is a benefit in keeping things simple and clear.

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To get everything on one page, you can reduce the staff space. Everything will be smaller. And you can reduce page margins, you can decrease the layout stretch and modify the staff distance values.
Or you can write it in a copy the way you originally intended it to be printed using system text for the musicians how to interprete, but then MuseScore won't be able to play the sequence correctly. Disadvantage: you need to synchronize them manually if you do any modifications.

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