How to disable auto correct

• Aug 28, 2023 - 17:47

Hi all, I'm looking to use MuseScore to make my own ABRSM related theory worksheets. I would need to disable auto correct because some of the multiple choice questions require incorrect groupings and rests, most apps auto correct, rightly so! So, how do I write a bar of 4/4 for example with a crotchet note minim rest crotchet note?


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I'm a music teacher and want to write multiple choice questions/worksheets on grouping and rests, one the correct way and the other two incorrect. In apps such as MuseScore the correct groupings and rests are automatically generated so i cannot seem to input and incorrect measure. For an example take a look at this paper… question 1.4 and 1.5.

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Sorry, yes as I said, I was too hasty and didn't read your original post correctly.

But as noted, there is no "autocorrect" of groupings and so there is nothing to turn off. However there are default "correct" groupings but it is simple to override these. The default rest groupings can be overridden by simply entering the durations you want (see Jojo's example). Default beam groupings can be overridden by applying the relevant properties available in the beam palette or for longer passages by changing the groupings defined in the tome signature properties. See

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