MusicMXL crashes

• Aug 27, 2023 - 11:28

I need a MusicMXL to send with my files up line. It crashes when I open it to do my final checks against the original score. I've Reset to Factory settings. It hasn't made a difference. Other suggestions?

Thanks, wizards. <3

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3.7 crashes in bool MusicXMLParserNotations::skipCombine(const Notation& n1, const Notation& n2) at

      bool upMarcatoDownOther = ( == "strong-accent" && n1.attribute("type") == "up" &&
                                n2.attribute("placement") == "below") || 
                                ( == "strong-accent" && n2.attribute("type") == "up" &&
                                n1.attribute("placement") == "below");

Seems MuseScore's MusicXML import tries to combine 3 articulations, Marcato, Tenuto and Staccato, but the code is only expecting to combine 2 of these, Marcatop + Tenuto, or Marcato + Staccato

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