Color noteheads during playback or when selected by cursor

• Aug 26, 2023 - 22:39

I don't see an answer to this question posted in January. I have the same question for Musescore 3.6.
"... also the Highlighting Note and text during playing." -- michaelhofer

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To elaborate on the question above, can the noteheads be made to "light up" with a specified color (such as red) as they are played during auto play, or selected by the cursor, or as one moves manually forward/backward through the score using the arrow keys? If this feature is available, how do you enable it, and if it isn't, it's a suggestion for a future addition.


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Yes and no.
musescore 3 and 4 highlight notes by the voice they belong to.
For voice1 notes, the color is blue, the color is not affected by the playback status.
you can change voice indicator color by
Edit > Preference > Advanced > ui/score/voice x/color (musescore 3) , Voice x color (musescore 4)

but it's not possible yet to assign a overriding special color to "light up" during playback.

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