"Mute" function

• Aug 26, 2023 - 18:39

Add a function to mute the playback when clicking on notes, on the upper bar, in order to prevent any audio to play when doing the layout, and so on.


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Ah, you mean a toggle to turn off playback altogether. That would be handy, I guess. As it is, it's one extra click in the mixer. Or even faster is the mute button on your computer keyboard.
Do you find yourself accidently starting playback while doing other things?

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The mute on the computer, of course, is not the case, as it mutes everything. Problems, at least for me, arise when editing stuff, and so on. It gets annoying to hear unnecessary stuff, especially if you are listening to something else. Some layout works require a lot of time, and you can't do anything with your ears while working on Musescore.

I think it'd be very useful.

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So, if I understand, you want to be able to listen to something other than MuseScore while working in MuseScore. I suppose that until such a button is added, the next best thing would be to mute the Master volume (or pull the slider all the way down) in the mixer.

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