JianPu Plugin - Numerical Score

• Aug 21, 2023 - 19:57

Firstly, I am posting this post to document the current status of the Musescore JianPu plugin, and to provide convenience for those who want to learn about the Musescore JianPu plugin.

Here are some related content:

Some previous discussions

Plugins that are currently publicly available and can be used normally (similar to annotations)

Relatively complete, but not publicly released(Only translation function,Translated entirely by the Musescore plugin, almost meeting JianPu's requirements)


This is the JianPu PDF translated by the Jianpu plugin I wrote. (Main):

Musescore 简谱样张.pdf
Canon_in_D - JianPu.pdf

The original score
This plugin only generates additional text and hides other elements.

Jian Pu.gif

Attachment Size
Canon_in_D - JianPu.pdf 97.05 KB
Musescore 简谱样张.pdf 99.06 KB


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In musescore3, our plugin has completed the simplified notation requirements. However, because the code is very tedious, the degree of customization is very low. (such as the inability to customize font size and text styles), this is the main reason the plugin has not been announced, we will consider optimizing them in the future.

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I think we should promote it to a full feature in MS4.

I'm working on some style guides now and I'll share when ready. It may take a little time. However, I definitely want to include it in our plans (possibly a GSoC project next year?)

One way or another, we'll get this working beautifully in MS4 eventually.

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