Lost Score

• Aug 19, 2023 - 18:56

So I've been working on a piece for a good while now, I had several minutes' worth of music in the score, and I saved it last night (It's a public score and automatically updates the online version anytime I click to save) it told me there was another score with the exact same name (never had this happen before) and asked me to merge the files, I clicked okay and it merged the files. Everything I had done over the past several weeks was then erased from the score and it went back to how it was 4 months ago, on the website the audio plays the correct (up-to-date) music, but the sheet music itself is very old. I have no idea how to fix this or if it's even a possibility, I'm just very confused right now.

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"It's a public score and automatically updates the online version"
Can you provide the URL of this score on musescore.com, so that investigators can download it?

The version you attached to your first post has no data in File > Score Properties > Source. That Source field should contain the URL of the online score, so I was surprised to see the field empty.

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