Muted notes & other idiosyncracies

• Aug 19, 2023 - 16:46

I have 2 Fernando Sor compositions I transcribed quite a while ago, and I pulled them into MuseScore 4 a day or so ago and discovered they are hosed up in several ways. Two minor annoyances are the proliferation of small circles over the notes plus a vast and unnecessary abundance of hold symbols (birds-eyes). But these issues pale in comparison to the large number of muted notes sprinkled throughout both pieces that destroy the playback. I have deliberately muted the chord symbols (they are there just to show the structure of the piece and to aid in memorization). But I do wish to hear every note I entered. I don't recall having these problems back when I transcribed the piece, but frankly, I don't remember. (I transcribe a lot of my pieces late at night during bouts of insomnia). In any event, the MuseScore technical staff have been fantastic in solving issues like this for me in the past, so I am hoping someone can figure out what is wrong and more importantly, how to fix it without having to enter it all over again.

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I should mention that I am using Windows 11 Pro with a nearly new Dell 8950 which has high end memory, solid-state drive and and a lot of very fast processors, so I don't think there is any chance of a hardware resource issue...

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I don't understand the new system of dynamics in MS4, except that it has been described informally as "work in progress".

I listened to Sor_Opus 29 No 24.mscz. And here I can certainly perceive a muted note: D# - the final note in m.10 (which is m.11 in the Status bar). And this note is muted regardless of playback speed. I can only hope that MS 4.2 or 4.3 sorts out this major playback problem.

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