Standard ASCII character input for different languages, diacritics, accents etc

• Aug 19, 2023 - 13:00

When writing lyrics in languages that use multiple accents (à, ä, ì etc etc), I would appreciate being able to use the standard ASCII codes (ALT+ a 3-digit number). At the moment, I need to bring up the Special Characters window and click on them with a mouse.

I can do it here in the forum, but not in MuseScore!


You could do this in versions before MU4, standard stuff like Æ æ Œ œ Ø ø Å å ß Ç ç … ‘ ’ “ ” „ » « So why this change?

Also: Say I have a typical lyric with many ’ contractions. In order not having to skip repeatedly from the keyboard, I can copy the ’ from wherever and just shortcut-paste it repeatedly, right? No, paste works only once, even when copied from within the score, so I have to redo copy for each paste even for that repeated character. (Windows Ctrl+C/V)

OK, so I just recopy the ’ I just pasted, that is back-select 1 step + copy = 4 keys in 2 strokes?

No. Pasting ’ does not only paste ’, but also then skips to next note (= pastes space?); so if the lyric is E’EN you have to go back (←) a step which in turn means selecting the whole lyric under that note (currently E’), so yet another step (→) to position for the final [E’]EN. It is merely 2 more keys & strokes – but why?

Or, please, just re-feature ASCII.

Standard for Windows, you mean? I'm using ubuntu and Alt - 0xxx or whatever doesn't work. I believe Macs have their own way of doing it.

In ubuntu, at least, you can use a custom keybaord layout/definition file. Pretty sure someone must have fone this for Windows and maybe Mac.

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No, standard for lyrics, but I use Windows still, and solutions working on different physical setups, rather than having to first build a thingy for things already ~standard~, and then probably also maintain that too.

Anyway, this worked fine pre MS4, and at least I don’t see any Alt+Num shortcuts listed either, i.e. anything in non-dev layer occupying that combination, so cannot understand why this was changed. But again, rather than an explanation, I wish for its re-feature.

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@underquark Sorry, this forum misses a couple of standard features.

Anyway, Windows in or out, this did work earlier and now not, but I was wrongly unclear in previous post about shortcuts. For instance apostrophe as Alt + Num0146 : System assumes by keystroke of [Alt + ]1 that you are trying to add a prime, therefore messages “No note selected / Please select a note and retry”. So it seems MS4 has extended shortcuts for notes to lyrics – which should be an easy fix.

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