Playback cutting out

• Aug 19, 2023 - 10:04

Since changing from MS3 to MS4 I've found that the playback on a score can occasionally drop out at random. I can't pin down a reason and there seems to be no pattern or consistency. It will suddenly go silent for a few bars on playthrough but if it's a repeated line the repeat may play without interruption. I'll attach a file where it's happening (though S*d's Law may apply, and it works fine for someone else). Can anyone explain or advise?

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Valse á Nini (a2) WIP.pdf 41.88 KB


Sorry wrong file - my error. here it is in MS4. However it now seems to be playing correctly (as I suspected it might) so it's difficult to illustrate the problem unless it's also happening to other MS4 users. If not, then there's some peculiar glitch on my system (Windows 10).

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Valse á Nini (a).mscz 40.11 KB

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