Wrong note length in part

• Aug 19, 2023 - 01:27

For some reason I can't make the last note in the picture into a half-note in this 4/4 stave.
And also the half notes below doesn't line up with the last note according to value.

2023-08-19 - 2656.png

What can I do to correct the upper notes to "fill" the part with a half-note as the last note in the upper bar?



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> "Did you deliberately delete the rests from Voice 2? It's usually better to make rests invisible and not to delete them entirely."

Thank you for responding!

I don't recall deleting them, but had I seen them I would have tried to delete them since I need the last (upper) note to be a half-note on top of the two half notes below.

How can I get rid of the rests? (I tried to delete them but they refuse to let go). I need room for a half-note instead of the last quarter note, like so:

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The important point is not to delete rests. Instead you can do one of the following:
either: copy and paste an existing phrase on top of the rest (the new starting point)
or: position the cursor on the rest (the starting point), then in Note Entry mode choose duration for the first note and enter the phrase note by note (from left to right)

Have a look at the Handbook too:

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> "The important point is not to delete rests"

Yes, I think I got the basic idea of "over writing" now. I didn't realize at first that the software keeps a part filled with sympols of duration at all times, so the only option is to overwrite. Got it now.

I will also read through the page you linked to, thanks!


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