Quarter tones

• Aug 13, 2023 - 23:43

This piece of music has the second note raised a quarter tone. I've been tinkering with the extra accidentals, but haven't found the right one. None of them seem to make a difference. It sounds the same as the first note.

Would you wizards tell me which accidental it is, and is there something else I need to turn on to make it work?

And what is the meaning of the brackets around the two hand claps?

Thanks. You are always awesome! <3

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And I figured out the quarter tone. The quarter tone accidental doesn't change the pitch like the common accidentals do. It's only there as a visual cue. The actual sound is changed by adjusting the tuning cents in Playback Properties.

All is well now. Thanks for listening to me puzzle it out. <3

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