Saving files ....

• Aug 13, 2023 - 10:52

Gradually nailing the problems with MU4 [and probably also MU3] file saving.

I'm trying to make definitive templates for use with MU4 - which others round here may realise I have a love hate relationship with.

Today I almost pinned it down. It really is a total pain.

The problem is that the program tries to protect users from themselves, but in so doing causes additional problems. I think it detects if changes are made to a score, but then if the score is saved using Save As that's where problems come.

If there's still an instance of MU4 running, for example, it will sometimes [often] try to save files if the program is closed down - but there's a strong chance it will save the unwanted version, not the wanted one.

This is very hard [seemingly] to explain to others, but it has bugged me for the last few years. I am absolutely sure I have lost scores because of this.

If I have generated a new score with a new name I may or may not want the previous score saved. At the very least MuseScore should let me look at the score which it is trying to rescue, as responding to the warning about losing files if they are not saved is as likely to overwrite a wanted score with one which doesn't need to be kept, as not. Whether or not this is due to interactions with the OS I can't say - maybe. I'm using MacOS Ventura currently, and possibly MU4 uses OS level commands to find "recent" files.

Despite this I'm still hoping to have the new template files ready soon.


You're right. It is hard to explain and follow.
I have a score open (A) and do some work on it. Then I decide to start a new score (B). After a while, I'm done for the day and I want to close everything down. I "save as" score B, and close the window. Score A is there. Which version do I want to keep? The one I originally opened or the latest one after I worked on it? Or both? Save and close only saves the one I worked on. Save As, with an appended name, saves the version I worked on. Then close (with a "don't save" in the box that opens) that version. The original score A still exists.
Is this not how your system works?

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