ColorVoices only colours noteheads

• Aug 12, 2023 - 11:16

Musescore 3.6.2

I thought colorvoices coloured stems & beams as well but I'm only getting the following:



Look close: it does color the stems (and the flags), but indeed not the beams.
As per the code it should do beams too, need to investigate why it doesn't

Actually the code reads:

         if (element.beam) 
            // beams would need special treatment as they belong to more than
            // one chord, esp. if they belong to an even number of chords,
            // so for now leave (or make) them defaultColor
            toggleColor(element.beam, msSetScore.defaultColor)

So this is by current design, as it'd only work for beams connecting an odd number of chords. Better solution wanted.

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The beam could take the colour of the note at the start of the beam, which is often the same as the note at the end of the beam. Where these are different the user could manually stop beaming or change the colour manually, (or it could be automatically to a dark grey, for example.)

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Inded — but satisfying if the have the time. 🙂

I'm not sure that you would have to detect "already worked on beams". If you can map the segment tick and voice of the beams, (in pass 1), then you should be able to check each beam-tick as you process the notes ticks and voices in pass 2.

I have taken this approach in tying articulations, like staccato, to tick position for processing a score's notes measure-by-measure as the plugin API does not expose articulations to this method of processing.

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