Is it possible to allow parts that are not being displayed to be included in the playback.

• Aug 10, 2023 - 17:54

I have scores which include a piano duet. I want to be able to hear the duet part but don't want to use up screen space to display it. I have found two different ways to view only the main piano part but in both cases doing so results in the duet part not be played during playback. When I open the mixer I can see the duet part but am not able to turn the sound on for it.

Does anyone know how to enable the playback of parts that are not being displayed?


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I found how to do this. Use View > Instrument to get a list of all the parts. I had tried this already but have now discovered that if you expand the instrument (with the small triangle) you get additional lines for each stave of the instrument which can then be made invisible while still including the playback from the instrument.

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