Missing Log-In option in Android app

• Aug 10, 2023 - 02:58

I was redirected to the forum when I went to support with the problem that there is no Log-In option for the MuseScore app on my Samsung Z-Fold, but first, they suggested I reinstalled it, which didn't help.

It should be noted that I have the app running on my Samsung S-10; in "Stay logged in" mode, because I'm afraid if I log out I may not get back in.

I was able to log-in to the app on my S-10 because there was a Log-in option below the "Continue" option.

On my Z-Fold, that option is missing. The "Continue" option simply takes the user through preferences; like music and instrument options, etc. I already have a profile and those questions have all been answered; I don't want to mess up my profile by going there

I also just installed MuseScore on my Windows 10 Surface computer. My saved password was accepted, and after logging in I was able to see my Profile and note that my account is paid up through May 9, 2024. But, the interface is not the same as when I run the app on my Android devices.

I use the app on my devices to practice: by creating loops, modifying tempos, switching off parts, etc.

When the app opens on my Android devices I get the playback options I need, but on my Windows computer, I only get editing options.

It looks like these are two different programs.

How do I get the Android version, that I use to practice, on my computer?


There are two different domains. MuseScore.com, and MuseScore .org. Right now you are on .org, which is the support forum for the notation software. Your Android devices can access .com, but not the notation software. You computer runs the notation software. But can get to the .com site by clicking your icon in the upper right corner.

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Thanks for responding.

I would love to be able to simply toggle between .Org and .Com, as you suggest, but I do not see the icon you're referring to that would make that happen.

The most prominent icon in the upper right is the envelope: Feedback, icon. Just below that is a "Basic" and "Advanced" dropdown field.

Sounds like you did not install the MuseScore app from the play store but instead the "sort of we version" to browse on Android.
Just checked and I get a Sign up and Login option (after I logged out).

Please use the com website community for more help.

Use the Android app with a free account.

Log Out is accessed via the profile tab - ... top right

Once logged out You can log back on via the My Library or Profile tabs.

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