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• Aug 9, 2023 - 06:30

Hi everybody,

I’m currently trying to fix issue 18798. I found a way to get the desired output for my simple test case but for that I just copied a lot of code without really understanding what is going on there. Of course I only want to submit things I understand so I’m currently finding out how staff hiding is done depending on empty measures, instrument settings, staff settings, style settings and so on. After reading this comment I realised I don’t really know how staves etc. are represented. I tried to figure out; here is what I guess:
Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-08-09 10-07-17.png
The class Score is the whole thing. It is divided into three Systems = lines. A Staff is a staff over the whole length of the score (f. e. all three piano right hand staves together are one Staff). A SysStaff is a part of a staff in a particular System (so a System consists of SysStaffs the same way a Score consists of Staffs). A Part is the collection of Staffs that we would call an instrument (f. e. the piano Part consists of the left and right hand Staffs).

Is this correct?

Is this the best place to discuss such things?



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Thanks for your reply! Together with Casper’s comment on GitHub this seems like I understood correctly. I think there were two factors of uncertainty:
1. The german word “System” is used for the english “Staff”.
2. I didn’t know whether Part might have to do with part scores (plus there is an Instrument class somewhere).

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I know that there is different usage of the terms “Zeile” and “System” in German. Even Wikipedia uses these terms differently and also adds the term “Akkolade” for MuseScore’s System, MuseScore’s Part, and LilyPond’s StaffGroup.

As a music teacher I tell my 5th graders that a “System” is the thing consisting of 5 lines like it’s done in our school book and among my friends.

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