Vote for MuseScore 4 in the UX Design Awards!

• Aug 8, 2023 - 14:18

UPDATE - September 6, 2023: MuseScore won! Thank you to the community and everyone who voted for your continued support.

MuseScore 4 has been nominated for a prize in the UX Design Awards!

This award is a worthy recognition of the MuseScore team and community’s dedication to making notation software easier-to-use and more accessible than ever before.

If you love MuseScore 4, please vote for us to win the People’s Choice Award. All you need to do is press the blue button on the award page — it’s that simple!

Vote for MuseScore 4 at

Intuitive UX has always been a top priority in the MuseScore 4 design process, from improved user-interfaces to new engraving standards, so it’s an honour to be recognised with a nomination.

We’d also like to extend our thanks to the passionate open-source community who — as ever — help us continually improve the MuseScore experience.

Once you have voted, don’t forget to update to the latest version of the program, currently MuseScore 4.1.1, which includes all the hundreds of improvements and new features we added in MuseScore 4.1.

Thank you!

The MuseScore Team


In reply to by Chuck Bermingham

1) Multi platform has nothing to do with this. Id make my voice heard in a relevant topic/git Issue
2) That's flat out wrong... works fine on linux. I know, I have 3 machines with different distros: Ubuntu 20.22, Fedora 37 and PiOS.
3) If you have a specific complaint, please make sure it is documented so someone can actually fix it.

In reply to by Joshua Pettus

Sorry, I have already let people know about the problems with MuseScore 4, and, frankly, it looks like they really aren't all that important to anyone. I have posted off and on all over this forum.

This was a vote. I tried to give my vote. I will vote again if, and when, my concerns are met. I don't have to do workarounds for my particular use situation with 3.6 (nor 3.7, which you really ought to sanction,) and I will keep checking into new releases of version 4 to see if I am happy.

I was not given the opportunity to vote "no", which is why I posted here, otherwise, I wouldn't have bothered you.

I eagerly await new point releases of Version 4, and will happily try them. I have even posted a couple suggestions for design improvements (or "enhancements", as they are called.)

As for my particular use case, the reason why I started using MuseScore 3 (originally) was precisely, because Version 3 addressed my use case very well. Version 4 does not. I am in the minority. I will check in later, for new versions.

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