How to choose a new chord font for all my sheet music?

• Aug 7, 2023 - 13:15

Hey, everyone!
I would like to choose Arial Unicode MS (13 point, bold) for all my sheet music.
All my files (over 500...) are using Edwin font for chords, and I think this font is difficult to read.
Is there an easy way to change the font of all my sheet music at once?

Thank you


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Jojo's answer thus is: No. you have to update every score separately.

If you would have your score in non-compressed xml f ormat, i.e. with a ".mscx" suffix, you would be able to make a script that updates all files in one go. I use sed for things like this. Possibly it would also be possible to write a script that converts all your files to .mscx in one go, but then you would need another script language, In Linux i would use python or bash .

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