Dynamics and articulations on 3rd party VST sounds?

• Aug 3, 2023 - 15:32

I am just getting started with Musescore and I downloaded the free BBC Symphony Orchestra VST sounds.

Are dynamics and articulations supposed to work on 3rd party sounds?

If not, that seems like a pretty glaring limitation.


I need a response to this... should dynamics and articulations work with 3rd party sound libraries, or is there another way to accomplish this (I am new to this world so please be kind)

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Effect of dynamics symbols like mf and articulation symbols like tenuto on staff using VST: I don't know the answer, could you try it out and share the info in this page ?
I know keyswitch works, and the developers are working on score-VST communciation now, pls see https://musescore.org/en/node/334701#MIDI_mapping_and_MIDI_CC

Those symbols work on soudnfonts (sf2/sf3) as on musescore 3.
Also work on MuseSounds I'm told, MuseSounds is not VST.

Dynamics should certainly work. Articulations will if supported directly by the sound, but for ones that rely on keyswitches, you'll need to add those manually.

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