"Play" checkbox missing from Properties Tab

• Aug 1, 2023 - 03:15

I don't understand why the option to toggle off play on a specific note/measure is available in a score, but not an opened part.
I want to make a play-along mp3, but mute some of the notes throughout the Part. [See the attached screenshots for context:] The Glock Part notates an impact drum at some locations, my plan was to open the impact drum instrument on the Glock Part, then hide the instrument (via the "closed eye" option in the Instrument Tab) so the audio is still present but the part isn't visible. Then just toggle off play on those specific glock notes so only the impact drum is heard in the mp3.

Unfortunately, the "Play" toggle checkbox is nowhere to be found in the Part. I've tried turning the playback velocity to 0, but that changes nothing in the playback. If I remember correctly, I haven't had this issue in the past so I'm wondering if its an issue with this file, or there's something else I'm missing.


There's not really a super great reason MuseScore hasn't supported independent control of playback of individual notes for score and part, but that is how it is. More controls over the linking of properties are being worked on right now for MuseScore 4.2, but meanwhile, you just need to make that adjustment in the score.

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