Explosion leaves two voices in the first staff

• Jul 30, 2023 - 17:40

Why is it when I am trying to explode the two-voiced staff, it remains in the two-voice format after explosion?
before exploding:
right after exploding:
Is this the way it is supposed to be? If yes, how can I explode in such a way so that the first staff has only one voice after explosion?


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You're looking the wrong way. Version 4.1 or other, last nightly eg (or V3) is not to blame. There's something wrong with your score from the start. The voices are not in the right order. Voice 1 should dominate immediately. I don't know why you've done it the other way round?
So, if the starting point is right: 1bnew.mscz
The "Explode" function gives the right result: 2bnew.mscz

I am having a somewhat similar problem. I am creating an orchestral score and I want all the parts to be extractable individually, but I need to combine some staves for the actual conductor score.

I started by making a separate staff for each instrument and also each part with the intention of imploding some of them and hiding the view on the excess lines.

For example, I have two flutes that will need separate parts but I want them combined on one line for the conductor score. When I select and implode the two Flute parts, they combine beautifully onto the Flute 1 line and I can hide Flute 2 for the score. However, when I explode the Flute 1 line again to be able to create parts, it puts it back onto the Flute 2 line and now my Flute 2 line has two unison voices showing (flags up and down).

The only workaround I can think to do now is to create the full score with a line for each part, extract all the individual parts, then implode all appropriate lines and never be able to create the individual parts again with explode function (or else have messy parts or individually edit them).

This is my first full orchestral score (only done chamber scores so far) and I've also never used Sibelius or Finale. Am I approaching this from the wrong direction? How does one create an orchestral score with fully extractable individual parts but also be able to compress them for the conductor score?

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