Tuple in common time through 2,5 beats

• Jul 28, 2023 - 17:19

Hello, I'm currently transcribing a piece in common time where a 32-note tuple is used with a duration of 2,5 beats. How can I do that in musescore?

Thank you :)

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Create a measure with the desired duration, select the measure rest, use use Add / Tuplets / Other to create the 32-tuplet, choosing the appropriate ratio to get the desired note value.

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ok, breaking it down a bit further

1 create 2.5 beat measure.
2 Select the measure and press delete. Be sure to select the measure rather than the individual rests. The measure should be within a blue selection rectangle

You should now have a 2.5 beat measure with a whole measure rest (i.e what looks like a whole note rest but centred in the measure).

  1. Select that whole measure rest and create the tuplet.
    4 insert a measure before the 2.5 beat measure
    5 select that newly inserted measure and adjust its duration to make it 1.5 beats long
    6 join the measures
    7 enter the other notes

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Maybe I'm just not proficient with this software (thank you for all your help though), but when I try to do what you said I get an error message saying: "Cannot create a tuplet 32/8 for the duration 5/8", maybe it's just me that's misinterpreting the time signature, but what I want is 32-note tuplet during 2,5 beats.

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Indeed, 32:8 is not a meaningful ratio here. Consider, eight 32nd notes would only be one beat. You need to select a value that actually makes sense for 2.5 beats. There are actually twenty 32nd notes in 2.5 beats. So the ratio need to be 32:20 to get thiry-two 32nd notes. if you wanted sixteenths, you'd use 32:10, since there are ten 16th notes in 2.5 beats. The first number of the ratio is the number of notes you want; the second is, how many notes of the desired note value would normally fit in the total duration. That's not a MuseScore-specific thing; that's how tuplets work in music when ratios are shown.

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