Problems transferring scanned scores in play score 2 to musescore

• Jul 27, 2023 - 15:39

I have created full scores, on MuseScore, for all my choir's current repertoire. I have been scanning the music to play score 2 and then transferring to MuseScore. I have this an excellent system. Recently however, I have noticed that you cannot save files to MusicXML, only share a document. Unless I am being stupid and doing something wrong, these changes will make the task of scanning the music into MuseScore, via play score 2 far more difficult.

Anybody else having similar problems.

Also is there any other scanning program that is as good, or better than play score 2?


Can you explain what you mean about "cannot save files to MusicXML"? do you mean, play score 2 doesn't have this capability, or that you need help finding that option in that program? Probably better to ask that in a forum dedicated to that program. If you mean, you wish to create a MusicXML file from MuseScore though, that's easy - File / Export, select that format. But I don't think that would actually be a useful thing to do here.

This is a known bug in MuseScore 3. It happens when the scanned music has different numbers of staves in different systems.

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Hmm, are you saying the MusicXML file is correct but not being imported correctly? Can you link to the issue report for this? I'm not aware of any issue like that, but if it's a problem in MuseScore 3, we'd want to make sure it doesn't still exist in MuseScore 4.

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I misunderstood the nature of the topic. I see that the original post was complaining that the user couldn't export musicXML from PlayScore. That could indeed happen if a subscription had lapsed.

My post relates to a different issue that users have been reporting to us recently.
PlayScore use to cause the client to render music in compact score format when not all staves are represented in every system.

Our users reported that this works in MuseScore 2 but not in MuseScore 3. MuseScore 3 reportedly suppresses a staff throughout the score if missing from any one system. The matter was reported to MuseScore by at least one user and I understand verified. We have not reproduced it ourselves.

Apologies for the misunderstanding. If I can help further please contact me at

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Again, if the MusicXML file itself is valid, I'm not aware of any reported issue that would affect how MuseScore 3 or 4 will present it with respect to staff visibility. There are settings to control which staves are visible and which are not, so the user can decide for themselves whether to show all staves or just ones with content, either globally across all staves, or individually per-staff.

If you have a specific MusicXML file you believe is not being imported correctly, please attach it here so someone can try to confirm, and open an issue if we find it is a bug.

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I think this is already reported as The file itself contains an explicit statement saying not to print it (print-object="no"), but apparently MU3 and MU4 interpret this differently (applying to a single measure vs the staff). It seems a change has already been made for 4.2 to make it work more like MU3.

Meanwhile, simply mark the staff visible as noted, and then turn in hide empty staves.

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