chord symbols shifted within each measure

• Jul 23, 2023 - 08:31

(I want to actually report an issue in Issue Tracker and/or github as outlined in "How to write a good bug report: step-by-step instructions," but when I go to "Create a new issue" all I get is a list of my past forum postings, with no "NEW" button or any discernible way to start a new post. So here I am in the regular user forum.)

In Version, Rev. 2e3a93a, I opened my old (created in a previous version) copy of "Take Five" which is in 5/4 time signature, and found that all the chord symbols previously associated with beat 4 in each measure have been shifted to beat 1 and stacked on top of the existing chord for beat 1. I assume this has something to do with the 5/4 time signature, as this has never happened with my other scores in more 'traditional' time signatures of 3/4, 4/4, etc.

I'll upload the score in question, "Take Five.mscz," which I saved as a version 4 file to document this issue. I'll also upload "Take Five in Gm," which is a non-updated earlier version score (created and last opened in 2013), which will exhibit the same issue when opened in Version 4 (I just checked).

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Your second score was created with version 1.3. It seems that Mu4 has problems to process these files.
Mu3 opens it without problems and after saving Mu4 also has the correct chords.

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ADDENDUM: This issue is not limited to 5/4 time signature, after all. I've just discovered another of my scores in 4/4 also has shifted chord symbols.

MuseScore 1 used a different method of recording chord symbols into the score than more recent versions, and indeed, a few things don't quite work correctly on import. Here it seems to be the handling of the "tick" tag that is meant to specify the time position within the measure. I suspect this score was created originally by entering the chords first and then the notes? That could explain how this happened, because normally those tick tags wouldn't be needed. Probably this import problem is fixable, so I do recommend going ahead and opening the GitHub issue.

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Thank you. That was very helpful. I would LOVE to post the issue on GitHub, but as mentioned earlier, when I follow the link from MuseScore's bug report instruction page, I get to a page that lists several existing discussions, but I don't see any "Start a new topic" button on the page.

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Thanks you - the link you provided enabled me to post the issue on GitHub. I'm afraid I can't really recall exactly how I found that instruction page. I probably started by typing in a search for something like "bug report" or "report an issue" somewhere within MuseScore's web site. I found a page titled "How to write a good bug report: step-by-step instructions" that included several links to both MuseScore's issue tracker and (I think) GitHub as well. But none of them yielded a way that worked to actually initiate a new report. One page had an "Add a new Issue" button, but clicking it only took me to a page that listed all my past postings, but no place to start typing a new one.

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