Extra parentheses added to score in MS4.1 (macOS Ventura 13.4.1)

• Jul 22, 2023 - 22:36

In many modern transcriptions of Gregorian chant, extra notes to be sung when there are more syllables in a psalm verses, such as in dactyls (Dó-mi-num: accented syllabe + two syllables), parentheses are used around the extra note (the harmonization may or may not indicate anything; I follow the original score as best I can, and I hide the eighth rests if needed). (For those following at home, that's the hollow note in a square-note edition such as in the Liber Usualis.

An extra set of parentheses is added when I open scores again in 4.1. This aggravates the issue mentioned here. https://musescore.org/en/node/352693

You can see what it looked like the last time that I exported the file (from MS3, but still; I'm trying to use 4, because in general, it's much better, including opening in MS4 and saving again from there, but this is driving me crazy!).

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I have loaded your score and see extra parentheses. But when I delete them all them re-add a single set (pressing "("), it works as expteded even when I save & reload. Are there steps to reproduce this problem?

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What we need are steps to reproduce the problem. What what we have here, it's impossible to say you didn't simply accidentally add two sets. We'd need a score that doesn't have two sets added, then steps to follow that will cause two sets to become added (other than, of course, manually adding two sets).

To remove them, I simply selected them and pressed Delete - no special problems occurred. If you're having problems there, then again, we'd need to precise steps to reproduce that problem.

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Because they’re not there in the PDF that I exported from 4.0 and voilà there are extra parentheses in 4.1 — I am going to be very clear that, perhaps, I was telling the truth and accurately reporting what happened. Nothing was accidentally added — although if we’re on that subject, I have a whole host of things that Musescore does that will cause you to lose an entire voice if you’re not extremely careful. But I’ll save that for another thread.

Anyway, well, by the time that I got a response I have fixed all of the problematic scores.

(I should be clear too that, lest it be seen as unfair to ascribe some level of error or incompetence to the MS team — I get it, bugs happen, but the feedback given at the 4.0 release wasn’t well-taken at all, and I’m pretty sore about that. And rightfully so!)

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No one is saying you are not being truthful. I'm just saying, once a score already has two sets of parentheses, it's impossible for us to know how it got that way - what we are seeing is indistinguishable form a score that has had two sets of parentheses added deliberately. So, I'm not saying you did that and then lied about it - I'm simply saying, we need you to provide us with the steps to reproduce a problem in order for us to be able to investigate and the developers can fix it.

Anyhow, not sure what previous experience you have that you are sore about, but let's please keep this focused on the technical issue at hand. If there is a bug that is causing extra parentheses to appear, we want to know how to reproduce that problem so it can be addressed.

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